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Air Jordan XXXVII Performance Review 2024

Welcome to our in-depth Air Jordan XXXVII review in 2024. In this article, we shall dive into the latest iteration of this iconic basketball shoe.

Not to brag about, the Air Jordan XXXVII actually pushes the boundaries of performance footwear among other basketball footwears. Get ready as we give you a comprehensive analysis of the Air Jordan XXXVII.

Air Jordan xxxvii

Jordan Brand’s flagship numbered models have reclaimed the name of the elite basketball shoe and have been rejoicing with new silhouettes in recent years.

Now we have the Air Jordan 37. Will the new Air Jordan xxxvii step up again and raise the bar for other basketball shoes?

Let’s start with the fact that the ruler has changed direction. For what? After all, the 34, 35, and 36 models were a success. Jordan Brand probably decided to make an experiment and try to break away from the competition.

Air Jordan XXXVII Performance Review 2024

1. Air Jordan XXXVII Comfort Review:

Let’s start with comfort. This is where the high ventilation in the Air Jordan xxxvii stands out. The upper really looks like mesh. There is less padding, but in key places it is still the right amount.

But the weight of the Air Jordan xxxvii is not surprising because the sole has received a lot of attention.

2. Air Jordan 37 Design Review

The design of the Air Jordan 37, like all number plates since the Air Jordan 31, is inspired by the brand’s first sneakers.

Therefore, the design is strongly reminiscent of the Air Jordan 7. Of course, many colorways copy the original colors of the “sevens”.

The Air Jordan xxxvii looks much lighter, stripped of a lot of detail, and is reminiscent of the series transition from the Air Jordan 6 to the Air Jordan 7.

Speaking of the outsole, we’re looking at the new Formula 23 foam. It’s an EVA-based foam that takes up the full footprint of the rear sole.

There are two Zoom Air tanks in the front. The first is a large plate, and the second is a small one immediately below it.

Also, there is a carbon plate in the midsole. As a result, the cushioning in the Air Jordan xxxvii is at a decent level, and due attention was paid to the heel section. Plushness – cheap-feeling upper materials.

3. Air Jordan xxxvii Traction Review

In terms of grip, the Air Jordan xxxvii has decent grip. The drawing represents inserts of multi directional lines and grooves. It changes its direction, size, and area of contact.

But on dusty surfaces, the Air Jordan 37 doesn’t perform at the top, and when moving sideways, sometimes there isn’t enough contact area. Indoor courts – incredibly bouncy forefoot – nice court

4. Air Jordan 37 Shoe Safety Review

Safety is a huge plus for the Air Jordan 37. Despite the light upper, the foot is perfectly fixed. Twisting is almost impossible.

This is what makes the Air Jordan xxxvii the standard of fixation. It is almost impossible to “break through” the heel.

The only thing keeping the Air Jordan 37 from becoming a completely safe basketball pair is the lack of stability. The reason is the very high profile of the sole.

5. Materials and fit Review

The new durable and zonal upper is made from a combination of lightweight, woven, and translucent Lenoweave materials (previously used in the AJ 36) with special Arkema threads, a type of monofilament that is both durable and flexible.

The upper is soft, thin, durable, breathable, and feels great on your feet. The weight of one half pair of size 9.5 US is exactly 400 grams, only 20 more than the 36 flagships.

The exoskeleton provides lightweight support, a snug fit, and adapts to any player’s foot with maximum additional support and incredible ventilation. It is surrounded along its entire length by an insert made of synthetic premium leather.

The exoskeleton’s design is again inspired by the AJ VII, as well as the handcrafted basket weaving skills of West Africa. The layered structure is reminiscent of the Nike Flight Huarache.

The Eclipse Plate is now a thing of the past! After 4 years and 4 models (the last time was the AJ 32), Jordan Brand’s flagship sneaker has once again introduced a carbon fiber midfoot plate.

It’s designed to maximize explosive power in the midsole and then transfer energy to the dual shock absorption system in the forefoot.

It also serves as arch support and anti-rolling, a new aesthetic created by merging a structural design with a technical weave upper.

There is no boot inside:

  • The independent neoprene tongue is thin, with minimal padding at the top—not the best part of the AJ 37, but it doesn’t stop it from resting comfortably on the ankle. It is perforated and perfectly breathable.
  • The rear also has minimal padding but does have a special pad for extra heel support and Achilles protection.
  • On the outer side, there are soft neoprene pads, which amazingly protect the bones from impacts. The rear features a rigid TPU heel cup for stability and support.
  • For protection during sharp lateral movements on the way to the ring, there are no pronounced outriggers, but there are external and internal protrusions of foam.
  • There is a synthetic leather over the midsole; all this will protect the foot from turning in.
  • Overall stability is ensured by the wide base of the model.

The foot is securely and efficiently secured with 7-hole lacing and premium wide laces. The heel-to-toe transition is smooth, thanks to the beautiful curved shape of the platform and toe.

The sneakers fit true to size. There is some comfortable room in the front when using the signature basketball sock. If you like a tighter fit, you can try a half-size down.

The width is normal: in the 37s, the inside is not as narrow as in the 36s, which means players with slightly wide feet can take these sneakers true to size.

But if you have wide feet, then you should try on a model half a size larger. No carrying is required; you can play basketball in the 37’s right out of the box.

The Air Jordan XXXVII is very easy to put on; there is a tongue and a high heel loop for this purpose. The bottom line is that the Air Jordan 37 changed course and set new standards for safety and cushioning.

Many NBA players prefer the Air Jordan xxxvii. The pair is perfect for 2, 3, 4, and even 5 numbers who value freedom of movement and speed.

Frequently Asked Question

When did the Air Jordan 37 first come out?

The Air Jordan 37 was first launched in September 2022, making its debut as the latest addition to the Air Jordan Brand’s lineup of performance basketball shoes.

The shoe’s release in September 2022 marked a significant moment for sneaker enthusiasts and basketball fans alike, as they eagerly anticipated the latest installment in the Air Jordan series.

Where can I buy Air Jordan 37?

You can purchase the Air Jordan 37 from various retail outlets, both online and in physical stores.

One popular online option is Amazon, where you can often find a range of sizes, colorways, and styles available for purchase.

Amazon provides a convenient and reliable platform for buying sneakers, including the Air Jordan 37, and offers a user-friendly shopping experience.

Just visit Amazon’s website, search for “Air Jordan 37,” and explore the available options to make your purchase.

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