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Nike kd 15 Review {2024}

Welcome to our Nike kd 15 review.

 One of the best basketball lines in history already has 15 models. Yes, we have the Nike KD 15 in front of us. The sneakers that were expected and in demand all over the world have finally been reviewed by our team. Let’s understand the concept of
the pair, talk about the technical component, and look at some cool onfits.
Let’s go!

Nike kd 15

of the inspirations for the
KD 15 was the Nike Zoom Jet Flight, introduced in
2001 and designed for fast point guards. Steve Nash, for example, wore
this pair, and the sneakers themselves became the forerunners of the emerging
era of low-profile models.

Kevin also reminded the designers of his favorite models, in which he spent a
sufficient number of games: KD 3, 4, and 6. The idea is simple and clear:
Durant wanted the KD 15 to be similar in style to his early low-top pairs and
to have a retro atmosphere.

to experts, these are 
one of the best sneakers of 2022-2023! In
his 16th season in the NBA, Kevin Durant continues to be a top player,
confidently remains in the TOP 10 of the best snipers in the league, and
“carries” the Brooklyn Nets on his shoulders to new victories.

the 15th personalized model, “Easy Money Sniper” made its debut in
the playoffs of last season and continued to perform in the new 2022–2023.

Nike kd 15

the first time in several years, the silhouette became low, and Kevin scored
the most points in it on November 28th. In a home game against the Orlando
Magic, KD hit 19 of 24 field goals for a total of 45 points as the Nets won

Nike kd 15  Review

KD 15
 are already on sale, and we have prepared material about their features.


and fantastic grip! The outsole pattern has changed again: instead of wavy
lines with a herringbone pattern, there is now a multi-directional pattern with
grooves and ridges for increased grip during any movement. 

The outsole sticks
like glue to both a clean court and a dusty one, and if it becomes dirty, it
will have almost no effect on the overall picture. Did you feel any slippage?
Rub your palm over the protector and continue playing your favorite basketball.

Nike kd 15

sneakers are not suitable for street play; the rubber lines are very soft, and
they will quickly begin to wear off on the asphalt, rubber coating, or crumbs.
Initially, the model was created for indoor spaces.

Nike kd 15

Check out basketball shoes for street ball


shock absorption! The developers decided not to touch last year’s
successful setup and left everything as it was. 

It features a
Zoom Air Strobel stitched into the
lightweight upper, considered by many to be the best implementation of
technology right now, and lightweight, responsive 
Cushlon foam
for superior shock absorption, energy return, and added softness and comfort.

nike kd 15

especially highlight the work on impacts in the heel, where the layer of foam
is slightly larger than in the front.

KD 15

again received, or maybe he asked for, a cool combination of technologies that
confidently work on the loads during landings and take-offs, return energy, and
allow you to think only about the game and victories.

Depreciation review for kd15

the overall picture are soft insoles that will mold to the shape of your foot
over time. The very comfortable cushioning does not require wear and is ready
to work from the first minutes on the court out of the box.

feeling of the court is excellent due to the fact that the foot is sunk into
the foam and is low to the court—another positive aspect that KD uses in the

kd 15

and fit

nothing special about the upper of the KD 15: the minimalist materials are
still all textile and mesh (some colorways have a synthetic leather heel) like
the 14, which is quite normal for modern basketball sneakers, but they’re a
little more durable and comfortable.

nike kd 15

they still do their job well while remaining lightweight, comfortable, and
supportive. The toe is protected with fuse soldering and attached to an
internal, comfortable boot. The weight has been preserved: one half pair of
size 9.5 US weighs 400 grams.

Materials kd 15

is almost no ventilation in the sock; mainly the tongue allows air to pass
through. By the way, the ventilated tongue is one of the improvements compared
to the KD 14. It is also wide, soft, comfortable, and, when laced, lies
comfortably on the ankle.

kd 15 Materials

say “bye” to the Velcro strap; now this annoying element is no longer
in the KD 14! Now you don’t have to worry about the strap coming loose when
you’re playing at maximum.

Nike replaced it with two independent plastic pieces
on both sides that provide better support when lacing.

The modified
lacing system consists of six holes. It runs through the aforementioned
flexible and lightweight polyurethane scalloped winglets attached to the
midsole to help secure the foot according to the player’s needs. They will also
help stabilize it during sudden movements from side to side.

kd 15 Materials

torsion support, a rigid plastic insert in the form of a fin is introduced
under the arch of the foot. In the back, there is everything for additional
heel support, Achilles protection, and anti-slip on the insole: the collar and
heel part are made of elastic padding, and there is a hard TPU cup in the heel

kd 15

are no pronounced outriggers in KD 15, since Kevin Durant plays fast basketball
without active dribbling and all kinds of crossovers. However, the ridges of
the rubber outsole and the layer of foam above them protect against rollovers
during lateral movements.

heel-to-toe transition is very smooth thanks to the angled rear outsole that
slightly lifts the soft foam and the flex toe.


model fits true to size, the materials lie comfortably on the foot, and the
insole is snug for a better fit.


is a little comfortable space in the front when using a basketball sock. The
front part seems stiff at first, but after wear, it will bend well.

fit is tight, and the inside (as is traditional for the KD line) is
narrow. Therefore, we recommend that basketball players with wide feet try
on the model before purchasing and try half a size larger.


15th KD is easy and quick to put on. There is a rear loop and a high
tongue for assistance.



sneakers were designed by the same designer as a year ago, Benjamin Netonkgome.
He was inspired by the 2001 Nike Air Jet Flight, worn by former Brooklyn Nets
coach Steve Nash.

kd 15

silhouette is reminiscent of the KD 14, only it’s lowered and features a more
arched 3D-molded heel.

logo on the right tongue, Durant’s KD logo on the left, 86 BPM print on the
heel—a nod to 86 BPM and the producer’s birth year of 1986—Kevin’s game number
7 on the back outsole, and two pairs of laces included: gray and yellow.


superstar Kevin Durant’s 15th signature Nike KD 15 premium basketball sneaker
is available to order online.



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