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Air Jordan xxxvii low review

Air Jordan xxxvii low review

Air Jordan xxxvii low review

We’ve long been accustomed to this iteration of the flagship and most technologically advanced Air Jordan basketball sneaker. The low-top version arrives a few months after the main mid-size silhouette, taking away the best features.

This model was a hit with many top players this past NBA season. The air Jordan xxxvii-low was wore by Bam Adebayo (Miami Heat), Jeff Green (Denver Nuggets), Mike Conley (Utah Jazz-Minnesota Timberwolves), Bradley Beal (Washington Wizards), Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics), Harrison Barnes (Sacramento Kings), Paolo Banchero (Orlando Magic), Obi Toppin (New York Knicks), and others

Air Jordan xxxvii low review

The leader In the number of matches played in the air Jordan xxxvii Low was Bam Adebayo. He wore these sneakers to 75 matches and, during this time, scored 1434 points.

And the Miami Heat center gave his best game on February 8, 2023, when at the Kaseya Center home arena, his club beat the Indiana Pacers 116:111, and Bam scored 38 points.

Air Jordan xxxvii low review

This review for air Jordan xxxvii low contains all the details of current and very popular sneakers.

Traction – air Jordan xxxvii low

Everything is unchanged here—absolutely the same outsole pattern as the leading mid version. And the most important thing is that the grip on the court is just as cool! 
Air Jordan xxxvii low review
A two-section outsole with a modified herringbone gives the maximum level on clean courts with very hard stops during multidirectional movements and shows its best qualities after a short run-in, when the rubber compound gets used to the court. 
You will also experience a loud basketball squeal when you touch the surface.
The protector sooner or later becomes clogged with dust, but wipe it with your palm, and it will continue to bite into the court again. 
The rubber compound is durable, and the grooves are deep and very thick, making these shoes great for outdoor play.
Air Jordan xxxvii low review

As for the geometric pattern, it is inspired by Michael Jordan’s 7th signature model in honor of its 30th anniversary. In the back, there are inscriptions referencing 1992: back-to-back (2 championship titles in a row), gold medal (1992 Olympic Games gold medal), MVP (title of the most valuable player of the regular season and finals), scoring champ (title of the best sniper of the 1991 season/1992 with an average of 30.1 points per game).
Air Jordan xxxvii low review

Depreciation – air Jordan xxxvii low review 

The cushioning system is completely taken from the flagship 37 sneakers. 
Impact is absorbed by a Zoom Air Strobel unit with a voluminous Zoom Air cushion in the forefoot, complemented by innovative, lightweight, and responsive Formula 23 foam in the heel. 
Air Jordan xxxvii low review

The setup on the front end is fantastic due to the dual Zoom Air system; it’s not terribly responsive or super soft, but explosive players will really enjoy this setup.
read also a review of main air Jordan xxxvii basketball shoe 
Formula 23 foam is encased in a translucent plastic cup and feels stiff at first, but once on the court, it becomes firm and responsive as the pace of play and impact allow.
Completing the look are Phylon foam framing the model and a fairly simple antibacterial Ortholite insole. If you take it out, you can see the front-end shock absorption.
Air Jordan xxxvii low review

The feeling of the court Is at an average level, since the foot is located a little higher above the court, this moment will appeal to large defenders and fast athletic forwards.

Materials and fit – air Jordan xxxvii low review 

The long-awaited upgrade! The thin and soft upper has been improved with less woven and translucent Lenowweave material on the sides, neoprene in the forefoot, and synthetic leather overlays. 
We also highlight the side plastic element, or TPU tape, created for the support and integrity of the sneakers.
air Jordan xxxvii low review

Everything fits together great and works well on the court; it is also well ventilated, supports the foot, and does not wear out for a long time. 
There is no boot inside. The weight of one half-pair of size 9.5 US is exactly 390 grams.
The neoprene independent tongue with perforations is very soft and comfortable, and its thin upper is identical to the flagship model.
Materials and fit - air Jordan xxxvii low review

There is a minimal amount of padding in the heel area, which is enough to protect the Achilles and support the heel.
Materials and fit - air Jordan xxxvii low review

Foot protection is excellent. During sharp lateral movements, the reinforced Leanoweave insert in the little finger area, the side projection of the foam, and the TPU tape work.
To complete the overall picture of stability on the parquet, we add a wide platform and a hard TPU cup in the heel with a plastic outer shell for stability and support.
A carbon fiber midfoot plate provides arch support and anti-rollover and is designed to maximize explosive force in the midsole and then transfer energy to the dual cushioning system in the forefoot.
Materials and fit - air Jordan xxxvii low review

Since the model has become low, there is no longer proper ankle support, but there is a very reliable lacing with 5 holes and 1 eyelet—tighten the premium laces and play your favorite basketball without distractions.
The heel-to-toe transition is smooth and fluid thanks to the beautifully curved platform and toe shape and the slightly beveled heel in a plastic foam casing. We also note a good degree of flexibility in the bow.
The sneakers run true to size, but the fit is snug. There is very little room in the front when using a basketball sock. If you prefer a looser fit and have a high rise, try going up a half size. The inside is narrow, which means for players with wide feet, we recommend trying on these sneakers or going half a size or larger. No special delivery is required, and you can play in low 37s straight out of the box. The model is put on quickly and easily thanks to the tongue and heel loop.
Materials and fit - air Jordan xxxvii low review

Design – air Jordan xxxvii low review 

Many people like the low version of the xxxvii Jordans better than the average one. There’s something cool and spontaneous about the design, just like the Jordan Brand Ambassadors who wore the sneakers during the 2022–2023 season. 
Design - air Jordan xxxvii low review

Let us remind you that design elements from the distant predecessors of the Air Jordan 7 are used here.
The Funky Dunky Air Jordan xxxvii Low comes in a PF “Lapis” colorway. The PF (Perfomance Fit) designation means a wider fit and a durable rubber outsole.
Design - air Jordan xxxvii low review

A low version of the flagship Air Jordan xxxvii Low basketball sneakers is available for order online.


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