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Air Jordan 31 Review

legendary Air Jordan line gets a long-awaited continuation in the form of model
number 31. At first glance, the silhouette of the sneaker reminds us of the
classic first-number model. The combination of leather and modern synthetic
materials also immediately attracts attention.

Air Jordan XXXI (31)

Air Jordan 31 Review

Air Jordan 31 Price

$185 for the standard version, $200 for the All Star and “,
” Why Not?” versions.

Air Jordan 31 Purpose

universal indoor basketball sneakers for players from 1 to 4.

Air Jordan 31 Release date

09/03/16, Banned, 02/16/17, All Star “.

Air Jordan xxxi Colors

black/starfish (845037-021, “Shattered Backboard”), black/concord-white
(845037-002, “Space Jam”), concord/mango-black-volt, cool gray/wolf
gray (914293-013), black/silver metallic (905847-004, “All Star”),
white/gray-black (885429-103, “Chinese New Year”),
white/black-turquoise, student red/black-white Key

“Flywire” (outer cover), “internal heel pads” (inner
layer), “full length Nike Zoom,” and “Flightspeed”
(outsole) technologies

played in them:
 Russell Westbrook (guard, Oklahoma City
Thunder), Kawhi Leonard (forward, San Antonio Spurs), Nene Hilario (center,
Houston Rockets), Mike Conley (guard, Memphis Grizzlies), Jimmy Butler
(forward, Chicago Bulls), LaMarcus Aldridge (center, San Antonio Spurs), Greg
Monroe (center, Milwaukee Bucks), Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (forward, Charlotte
Hornets), Joe Johnson (forward, Utah Jazz), PJ Tucker (forward, Toronto
Raptors), Kemba Walker (guard, Charlotte Hornets) 

Availability: available 

Air Jordan 31 review Advantage

Advantages: lightweight, stylish, and amazingly
comfortable, with industry-leading hold and cushioning.

Air Jordan 31 Disadvantage

Disadvantages: reduced traction on dusty
parquet; sustainability could be better; high price.

Air Jordan 31 Buying Tip

Buying Tip: If you’re looking for a comfortable indoor
gaming shoe with excellent cushioning, the Air Jordan 31
may be your top choice. For players who value the traction and maximum
stability of their sneakers, it is better to look at other models.
Adidas basketball shoes with Boost technology can offer a
similar level of protection without sacrificing durability.

Air Jordan 31 Material

Air Jordan XXXI

main part of the shoe is made of synthetic leather and Flyweave material,
welded together. Thus, in the Air Jordan 31, designers and developers pay
tribute to traditions but at the same time do not forget about the latest
technologies and innovations. The signature line of His Airness. The midsole
features soft Phylon cushioning. The sole is made of high-quality rubber.


Air Jordan XXXI

of the surface of the shoe is made of Flyweave material, which provides the
necessary thermoregulation and also guarantees safe mobility for the athlete’s

Air Jordan 31 Traction

Air Jordan XXXI Traction

outsole pattern is made in the form of a diamond-shaped mesh, which works great
on clean indoor courts as well as on outdoor rubber surfaces. On dusty courts,
slipping is possible.


to the leather heel, the athlete’s heel is comfortably and safely fixed in
place. Forefoot support is provided by the Flywire system.



in the 31 numbered model from Jordan Brand is provided by the Zoom Air
cushioning system located along the entire length of the foot. 

Flight Speed
technology maximizes the responsiveness of the Zoom Air cushioning system and
delivers an explosive first step. For better shock absorption, the midsole
(middle part of the sole) is made of Phylon foam material.


Air Jordan 31 Comfort

Air Jordan XXXI

to the 30 model, the Air Jordan 31 is much softer and more comfortable.
Sneakers will not require time to adapt and fit the size (TTS). It is worth
noting that 31 has quite a lot of free space in the toe area, which will
appeal to athletes with a high “instep” (arch) of the foot. 

while outwardly reminiscent of the first numbered ones, in fact, the Air Jordan 31 is more like an improved, in all aspects, version of the Air Jordan 18.


Are Jordan 31 shoes comfortable?

is a crucial factor when choosing basketball shoes, as athletes need to feel at
ease on the court to perform at their best. The Air Jordan 31 is no exception.
Released in 2016, the Jordan 31 introduced innovative technology that greatly
enhanced its comfort levels. 

It features a full-length Zoom Air unit, which
provides responsive cushioning and superior impact protection. This cushioning
system ensures that your feet are well supported during quick cuts and jumps.
The shoe also incorporates a Flyweave upper for a snug and comfortable fit.

Is the Jordan 31 a good basketball shoe?

Air Jordan 31 is not just good; it’s outstanding. It blends classic aesthetics
with cutting-edge technology, making it a top choice for basketball players of
all levels. 

The shoe’s performance-oriented design includes features like
Flywire cables for lockdown support and a herringbone traction pattern for
excellent grip on the court. Whether you’re an amateur baller or a seasoned
pro, the Jordan 31 offers the performance attributes needed to elevate your

What Year Did the Jordan 31 Come Out?

Air Jordan 31 was officially released in 2016. It marked a significant
milestone in the Air Jordan series, as it paid homage to the original Air
Jordan 1 while incorporating modern design elements and performance-enhancing
technologies. This blend of the past and present made it a favorite among
sneaker enthusiasts and basketball players alike.

What Air Jordans Are Better?

which Air Jordans are better ultimately depends on your specific needs and
preferences. Each model has its own unique features and characteristics that
cater to different styles of play and personal tastes. 

The Air Jordan 31, as
discussed, is a strong contender in terms of performance, especially for those
who prioritize comfort and responsiveness.

some may prefer the classic look and feel of earlier models like the Air Jordan
1 or the timeless appeal of the Air Jordan 11. It’s essential to consider your
playing style, foot shape, and desired aesthetics when choosing the right Air
Jordan for you.


conclusion, the Air Jordan 31 is an excellent basketball shoe that excels in
terms of comfort, performance, and style. With its innovative technology and
design, it offers a compelling option for basketball players looking to elevate
their game.

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However, when it comes to determining which Air Jordans are better,
it’s a matter of personal preference and the specific qualities you prioritize
in a basketball shoe. 

Regardless of your choice, you can trust that the Air
Jordan legacy continues to deliver top-tier footwear for athletes and sneaker
enthusiasts alike.


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