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Ja Morant 1 Shoes – Review


Ja Morant

NBA Rookie of the Year, NBA Most Improved
Player, two-time NBA All-Star, and one of the world’s leading scorers were
enough for Nike to sign Memphis Grizzlies player Temetrius Jamel “Ja”
Morant for his fourth year in the league and release his signature sneakers. The
name is short and concise. Ja 1.

At the All-Star Game in 2023, Morant played
for Giannis Antetokounmpo’s team, started, and scored six points, which allowed
his teammates to win 184:175.

According to the Sports Business Journal, Morant
is the second-most followed NBA player on social media, behind only Steph

ja 1

At just 23 years old, Ja Morant boasts nearly 10
million followers on Instagram.

ja 1

The shooting guard has played 41 games in his
debut sneaker, and it’s already on sale at Funky Dunky. Let’s understand
the model of one of the brightest basketball players of our time.

Nike Ja 1

Year Released: 2023

The Nike Ja 1 was created for the company’s first Generation Z basketball player, Ja Morant. These sneakers are best suited for playmakers who organize team games. 

Nike Ja 1

They focus on three key areas: dynamic hold, responsive ride, and landing support.

Morant’s hands-on approach to the creative process was evident in several elements of the sneaker’s design. They include personal handwritten notes recognizing his family, friends, and community, which became known as “Team Morant.

Nike designers also collaborated with Jha to create a signature light blue color that speaks to the blue-collar mentality. This concept refers to people who belong to the working class and are engaged in manual labor. It shows up in everything Morant does.

The Ja 1 joins Nike’s basketball portfolio for $110. This makes them the brand’s most affordable basketball shoes. The model will go on sale in the spring at the Nike online store and retail stores.

Nike Ja 1 Shoes  Review

Nike Ja 1 Shoes

Ja Morant 1 Shoes  Review: Traction

The grip is phenomenal! The full-length, dense
rubber outsole with a multi-directional, aggressive herringbone pattern and
Jah’s signature logo grips the court perfectly in all directions.

Outsole shows
the highest level on a clean court with a specific game squeal, but even when
swimming, the indicators remain at almost the same level without slipping.

Ja Morant 1 Shoes Traction

If you still feel that the outsole has begun to
slip during sudden stops, then lightly rubbing it with your palm will solve
this mini-problem. With all this, the protector does not require wear, and
traction properties can be felt in the game right out of the box.



With such great performance, we would recommend
the Ja 1 for playing on outdoor courts, as the rubber compound is durable and
the grooves are hard and deep enough to fully enjoy basketball in the warmer

ja 1 shoe

Depreciation: Ja  1 Shoes  Review

Shock loads, and Ja will definitely have them
during such jumps, are absorbed by a fairly familiar shock absorption system,
which has been introduced into a considerable number of Nike sneakers, for
example in the Nike Kyrie and Kobe lines: a small, good Zoom Air unit in the
forefoot and a lightweight midsole. Constructed from soft, responsive,
full-length injected pylon foam.


There’s not a ton of compression or anything
special in this system, but the combination is enough to provide decent impact
protection, energy return, softness, and balance—a very decent option for
guards and small forwards. 

The feeling of the court is excellent: the foot is
sunk into the foam, and the Zoom module loaded on top allows you to do
everything you plan on the court.

Materials and fit – Nike Ja 1 Review

The Nike Ja 1 features a fully synthetic upper
that combines a ballistic mesh with macro perforations, synthetic leather, and
some TPU reinforcements. None of these minimalist materials are premium, but
the synthetic leather side overlays make the sneaker feel nicer when you hold it
in your hand.

Materials and fit - Nike Ja 1 Review

The durable and soft upper quickly adapts to the
foot, supports it, does not stretch, and is poorly ventilated; its simplicity
does not hinder overall performance at all. There’s a boot inside. The weight
of one half pair of size 9.5 US shoes is 370 grams.

Nike Ja 1 Review

The tongue is soft with pleasant padding, as is
the side collar with the heel part, where there is more padding—a very
thoughtful detail to protect the Achilles and support the heel. The front of
the sock is protected by a piece of synthetic leather for durability, and
fusible lace is present only on the laces.


The support and protection of the foot, given
the lightness of the model, deserve flattering ratings, although there is
nothing supernatural about it. Thanks to the combination of stable cushioning,
a wide platform, upper material, and the right size, we have more than enough
for reliable and relaxed play.


There are no issues with overall support or
lockdown in the heel, which has a nice heel counter with a very stiff inner cup
and a Nike swoosh-like TPU heel overlay, but it’s made to look good.

There is a small outer J-shaped side outrigger,
an inner foam lip, and synthetic overlays to provide protection from the stress
of sudden lateral movements and lateral stability.

The 0.25-mm-thick sidewall and padded foam
collar are raised for support during takeoff and landing.

The foot is secured with a traditional lacing
system of 2 loops and 4 holes with flat laces. There is no torsion plate,
but the wide base is enough to resist torsion and provide stability on the

ja 1

The heel-to-toe transition is very smooth due to
the rear outsole with a slight compression of the foam and the steep, curved
shape of the toe. Add to that a nice, super-flexible forefoot, and you get an
explosive first step and comfort for a quick breakaway or transition from
defense to attack.

The sneakers fit true to size. There is a
little space in the front toe box when using a thick basketball
sock. Attention! The fit is very tight, so if you prefer this, then
true to size is your option, and if you want a little looser, then it is better
to choose nike Ja 1 half a size larger.


We strongly recommend that basketball players
with wide feet try on sneakers before purchasing them or take a size larger
than theirs. The Ja 1 is easy to put on, despite the lack of loops.

Nike Ja 1 Design

The Nike Ja 1 sneakers were designed by a
well-known person: Nike basketball designer Ben Netongkome created famous
signature models for Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

Dynamic fixation The mid foot locking system provides a secure, snug fit, allowing athletes to quickly change direction on the court.

Responsive move. The front Air Zoom cushioning unit helps create a quick, explosive feel underfoot.

Landing support Raised, locking side panels help support your jump and landing on two feet. The effect is enhanced by a raised foam collar and zoned cushioning for added ankle support.

For Ja, he aimed to convey a relentless energy
and lively personality through the design and his signature logo, which
features a sharp “JA” shape above a chevron.

Netongkome believes the logo symbolizes Morant’s
ability to overcome obstacles and emphasizes the verticality of his game, while
the sleek shape of the sneaker also hints at the guard’s speed on the court.

Some interesting details include Morant’s
handwritten details with his signature on the back of the tongue and heel,
player number 12 in the form of perforations on the inside and heels, and
Kaari’s daughter’s name on the inside of the midsole.

The insoles feature a message from Jha to his
family, friends, haters, community, heroes, and more from Day 1 of his career,
matching the “Day One” colorway.

Ja Morant 1 Shoes - Review

NBA superstar Ja Morant’s debut
signature basketball sneakers are available to order online



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