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Under armour basketball shoes review

Discover performance, comfort, and style insights in our comprehensive Under Armour basketball shoes review, helping you choose your Footwear.

With countless options available, it can be overwhelming to find a pair that combines style, comfort, and performance.

Look no further than Under Armour basketball shoes.
Under Armour basketball shoes are not popular like those from Adidas and Nike, but they are well known for their innovative designs and commitment to athletic performance.

Under Armour has established itself and tries to be competitive with the biggest brands in sportswear.

In this comprehensive review, we will look into the performance and features of Under Armour basketball shoes, taking a closer look at their traction, cushioning, support, and overall fit.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply a basketball enthusiast, this guide will provide you with the essential information to help you make an informed decision on your next pair of basketball shoes.

The importance of choosing the right basketball shoes.

Choosing the right basketball shoes is of utmost importance for any basketball player looking to step up their game. The right pair of shoes can not only enhance performance but also provide vital support and protection to prevent injuries on the court.

When it comes to basketball, the constant running, jumping, and sudden changes in direction can put a significant strain on the feet and ankles.

Therefore, it is crucial to invest in a pair of basketball shoes that offer the necessary cushioning, stability, and traction to handle these demands effectively.
One key aspect to consider is cushioning, which helps absorb impact and reduce the risk of injuries, especially during high-intensity movements like landing after a jump.

Good cushioning

Good cushioning can also provide additional comfort, allowing players to focus on their game without distractions. Stability is another critical factor, as it helps prevent the foot from rolling or sliding inside the shoe, reducing the chances of ankle sprains. Look for shoes with proper ankle support and a secure fit to ensure stability during quick cuts and lateral movements.


Traction is yet another vital feature to consider when choosing basketball shoes. A solid grip on the court is essential for quick stops, starts, and changes in direction. Shoes with durable and multidirectional outsoles can provide the necessary traction to maintain control and prevent slipping, giving players an edge on the court.

Additionally, it is crucial to find basketball shoes that fit well and are designed to support your specific playing style.

Every player is unique, with varying foot shapes, arch types, and playing preferences.

Some may prefer a lightweight shoe for speed and agility, while others may prioritize a more supportive and durable option. Understanding your own needs and considering factors like fit, weight, and materials will help you find the perfect pair of basketball shoes to elevate your performance on the court.

Now, let’s look at the five best Under Armour basketball shoes you should consider to elevate your performance on the court.

5+ best Under Armour basketball shoes 2024

  1. Under Armor Curry One.

Price: $110, $120—the price of the standard version of the sneakers.

Under Armor Curry One
Under Armor Curry One

Purpose: indoor basketball sneakers for fast defenders.

Released date:

Key Technologies: “Charged” (midsole), “Micro G” (insole), thermoplastic (midfoot, heel), “Anaform” (outer cover).

Who played in them: Stephen Curry (defender, Golden State Warriors), Kemba Walker, Kent Bazemore (guard, Atlanta Hawks), and other NBA players have worn the standard version of the shoe.

Availability: Sneakers are available in online stores and can be found at resellers.

Pros: stable; perfect traction; adequate cushioning; wearable; very good ventilation.

Cons: initial rigidity; long fitting time.

Buying Tip: The Under Armor Curry One Low is a decent indoor playing shoe for fast, agile players.

Other than the long-lasting fit and initial stiffness, the shoe is virtually free of flaws. It is not recommended for players with weak ankle ligaments. The sneakers fully correspond to the declared size.

Analogs: Under Armor Curry One, Under Armor CluthFit Drive, Nike Zoom Kobe 5.

Official website: underarmour.com.

2. UA ClutchFit Drive Mid Basketball Shoes

Price: $125

UA ClutchFit Drive Mid -Under armour basketball shoes review

    UA ClutchFit Drive Mid

Purpose: indoor basketball sneakers for defenders and light forwards (players from 1 to 4 numbers).

Key technologies: “full-length Micro G” (midsole), “Micro G” (insole), “ClutchFit” (outer covering).

Who played in them: Stephan Curry (guard, Golden State Warriors), Greivis Vasquez (guard, Toronto Raptors), Kemba Walker (guard, Charlotte Bobcats), Brandon Jennings (guard, Detroit Pistons).

Raymond Felton (guard, Dallas Mavericks), Nerlens Noel (center, Philadelphia 76ers), and PJ Hairston (guard, Charlotte Hornets).

Kent Bazemore (guard, Atlanta Hawks), Corey Brewer (guard, Minnesota Timberwolves), Cole Aldrich (center, New York Knicks),

Availability: moderately accessible; sold in online stores. Most of the exclusive colors were sold in limited editions, and less often, they were not available for sale at all.

Pros: light weight; adequate cushioning; excellent court feeling and grip on the playing surface. Excellent ventilation; price attractiveness; a large number of colors.

Cons: reduced torsional rigidity (high risk of twisting the foot); low-quality materials; amateurish design.

Buying tip: Under Armor ClutchFit Drive is a very comfortable indoor basketball shoe that doesn’t require any break-in time.

They fully correspond to their stated size. And being a high-tech model, it is able to satisfy the requirements of most basketball players.

But if you’re a heavy player or have ankle problems, it’s probably best to look for a more durable model.

Analogues: Under Armor Curry One, Under Armor Micro G Torch, Under Armor Micro G Blur Mid

Official website: underarmour.com.

3. Under Armor Anatomix Spawn

Price: $119

Under Armor Anatomix Spawn basketball shoes
Under Armor Anatomix Spawn

Purpose: indoor basketball sneakers for defenders and light forwards (players from 1 to 4 numbers).

Release date: September 1, 2013.

Key technologies: “full-length Micro G” (midsole), “Micro G” (insole), TPU fixation rod (located almost throughout the entire foot, with a transition to the side wall), mesh synthetic outer covering.
Who played them: Stephen Curry (guard, Golden State Warriors), Cole Aldrich (center, New York Knicks), Greivis Vasquez (guard, Toronto Raptors), Michael Beasley (forward, Miami Heat), Kemba Walker (guard, Charlotte Bobcats), DeAndre Jordan (center, Los Angeles Clippers), Brandon Jennings (guard, Detroit Pistons), Raymond Felton (guard, New York Knicks), Will Barton (guard, Portland Trail Blazers), Kent Bazemore (guard, Golden State Warriors), and Corey Brewer (guard, Minnesota Timberwolves).

Availability: moderately accessible; sold in online stores. Most of the exclusive colorways were either out of stock or in limited editions.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros: light weight; adequate cushioning; excellent court feel and grip; high level of sustainability; excellent ventilation; price attractiveness; a large number of colors.

Cons: initial rigidity and strong pressure on the arches (time required to break) with possible chafing; low-quality materials.

Buying tip: The Under Armor Anatomix Spawn is a very decent indoor basketball shoe that will suit players from number one to number four. This is one of the few running shoes that offers freedom with a lot of protection. People with wide feet should probably go up half a size in sneakers. I also don’t particularly recommend this model for players suffering from flat feet.

Analogues: Nike Zoom Hyperfuse, Nike Hyperfuse 2012, Air Jordan XX8 SE.

Official website: underarmour.com.

4. Under Armor Charge BB -Under armour basketball shoes review

Price: $130

Under Armor Anatomix Spawn
Under Armor Charge BB

Purpose: indoor basketball sneakers for forwards and centers.

Release date: 10.30.12

Key Technologies: Articulate Hill (ankle), HeatGear (inner), full-length Micro G (midsole), Micro G insole, TPU shank (midfoot).

Who played: Kemba Walker (guard, Charlotte Bobcats), Marquis Daniels (guard, Milwaukee Bucks), Maryland, Northwestern, and LaSalle college players, and Under Armor Elite 24 participants.

Availability: sold in online stores; player-exclusive colors were not available for free sale.

Pros: soft and responsive cushioning; very good ventilation and ankle support; excellent court feel.

Cons: rigid, awkward, and not comfortable; greatly reduced mobility in the ankle joint; difficult and long to put on the leg; extremely specific design; not the most stable.

Buying tip: Under Armor Charge BB is a very specific product for which it is extremely difficult to find a typical consumer. These shoes are suitable for a large player who is not bothered by their size or any possible discomfort during the game. Even if you are a fan of the brand, you might want to choose another model. After all, the company has a large number of gaming models that are incredibly comfortable right out of the box (for example, the same $90 Micro G Torch).

Analogs: Under Armor Micro G Juke, Under Armor Micro G Clutch.
Buy Under Armor Charge BB basketball shoes in our store.

Official website: underarmour.com.

Under armour basketball shoes review – Curry 3

Price: $140, $150 (All Star and Hard Water versions).

Under armour Curry 3
Under armour Curry 3

Purpose: indoor basketball sneakers for 3–4 players.

Who played in them: Steph Curry (guard, Golden State Warriors), Seth Curry (guard, Dallas Mavericks), and Anthony Tolliver (forward, Sacramento Kings).
Key technologies: “anafoam” (inside) and “threadborne” (outer cover), “charged” (cushioning), “metawing” (midfoot, lateral surface).

Availability: moderately accessible, poorly represented in our country.

Pros: comfort and excellent fit straight out of the box; durability; excellent shock absorption.

Cons: not the best ventilation; traction is reduced on dusty parquet; design for everyone.

Buying tip: Under Armor Curry 3 is an indoor basketball shoe for guards. This is the most reliable and comfortable model in the series. They are worth purchasing if you need maximum protection in your gaming shoes and are not willing to compromise on mobility. The sneakers fully correspond to the declared size.

Analogues: Under Armor Curry 3ZER0, Under Armor Curry 3 Low, Under Armor Curry 1, Under Armor Curry 2, Under Armor ClutchFit Drive Highlight II, and Under Armor Charged Controller.

Official website: underarmour.com.

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Under armour basketball shoes review -Traction

How Under Armour basketball shoes excel on the court.

When it comes to basketball, traction is everything. The ability to stop and change direction quickly can mean the difference between making a game-changing play or losing control of the ball.

Under Armour basketball shoes understand the importance of traction and have incorporated innovative features to ensure maximum grip on the court.

One of the standout features of Under Armour basketball shoes is their outsole design. The patterns and grooves on the outsole are strategically placed to provide multidirectional grip.

Whether you’re making a quick cut, driving to the hoop, or defending against your opponent, these shoes offer exceptional traction that keeps you firmly planted on the court.

Another aspect that contributes to the outstanding traction of Under Armour basketball shoes is the use of high-quality rubber compounds.

The rubber used in the outsole is durable yet flexible, offering a perfect balance between grip and maneuverability.

This not only enhances your performance but also ensures the longevity of the shoes, allowing you to dominate the court for many games to come.

Moreover, Under Armour has also incorporated innovative technologies into their basketball shoes to further enhance traction.


For example, some models feature a herringbone pattern on the outsole, which provides excellent grip on both indoor and outdoor courts.

This feature is particularly beneficial for those who play on various surfaces, ensuring consistent traction no matter where they play.

Overall, Under Armour basketball shoes excel at providing exceptional traction on the court. Their thoughtfully designed outsoles, durable rubber compounds, and incorporation of innovative technologies make them a top choice for basketball players looking to step up their game.

With these shoes on your feet, you can confidently make those quick cuts, explosive drives, and swift defensive moves, knowing that the traction will support your every move.

Under armour basketball shoes Review -Cushioning:

The impact-absorbing technology of Under Armour shoes

When it comes to basketball shoes, one of the most critical factors to consider is cushioning.

Under Armour basketball shoes are known for their innovative impact-absorbing technology that provides exceptional comfort and support to players on the court.

Cushioning technologies

Under Armour has developed a range of cushioning technologies that cater to different playing styles and preferences. One of their popular cushioning systems is Micro G foam, which is lightweight and responsive.

This foam effectively absorbs impact while providing a spring-like energy return, allowing players to feel more explosive and agile during their movements.
Another cushioning technology utilized by Under Armour is charged cushioning. This technology uses a two-piece system that combines soft foam in the forefoot for comfort and a denser foam in the heel for stability and support.

With charged cushioning, players can experience enhanced responsiveness and optimal shock absorption, reducing the strain on their joints and muscles.

Under Armour also incorporates their HOVR cushioning technology into some of their basketball shoe models.

HOVR cushioning technology

HOVR is a proprietary foam that provides a plush and responsive feel, offering excellent energy return while minimizing impact on the feet and legs.

This technology is designed to enhance performance and keep players feeling fresh throughout intense games or training sessions.

Furthermore, Under Armour pays attention to the placement and configuration of cushioning materials within their shoes.

Some models feature strategically placed cushioning pods or plates that provide targeted support and impact absorption in high-stress areas, such as the heel or forefoot.

Overall, Under Armour basketball shoes boast advanced cushioning systems that prioritize comfort, responsiveness, and impact absorption.

Whether you’re a quick guard making swift cuts or a powerful center dominating the paint. Under Armour has a cushioning technology that can elevate your game. It help you perform at your best on the court.

Under armour basketball shoes Review -Support:

How Under Armour basketball shoes provide stability and protection

When it comes to basketball, support is an essential factor that can greatly impact your performance on the court.

Under Armour basketball shoes are known for their exceptional ability to provide stability and protection, helping players step up their game to the next level.


One of the key features that contributes to the impressive support of Under Armour basketball shoes is their innovative construction.

These shoes are designed with a combination of materials, such as synthetic overlays, breathable mesh, and durable rubber outsoles.

This combination ensures a secure fit and stability during quick movements, cuts, and jumps.

The midsole of Under Armour basketball shoes is engineered with advanced cushioning technologies that offer excellent impact absorption and energy return.

This not only enhances comfort during gameplay. Also reduces the risk of injuries by providing optimal shock absorption and responsiveness.

In addition to the materials and cushioning, Under Armour basketball shoes often feature ankle support systems. These systems can include padded collars, extended ankle height. Sturdy lacing systems that provide a locked-in feel and extra support to the ankle area.

This helps to prevent ankle rolls and offers a sense of confidence and protection during intense movements on the court.

Moreover, Under Armour incorporates traction patterns on the outsole of their basketball shoes. That are specifically designed to provide multidirectional grip and traction on various court surfaces.

This feature ensures that players can make quick cuts, stops, and changes of direction without slipping or losing control.


Under Armour basketball shoes are good for the support and protection that every basketball player needs.

Their thoughtful design, cushioning technologies, ankle support systems. Traction patterns work together seamlessly to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a casual player, these shoes are designed to take your game to new heights.

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