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+9 best basketball shoes for wide feet

Players with wide feet can find it difficult to buy a right pair basketball shoes

It is surprising how many models are not suitable for them. And there is nothing worse than buying a pair of shoes online, being excitedly waiting for them to arrive, and when you get them, they don’t fit you well.

Online shopping has increased a lot in recent years, and the disappearance of physical stores has increased. 

Those with wide feet may find themselves in a dilemma about whether to go find a store with the shoes they want in stock or get them online.

With what was previously said and to facilitate this search, we have made this list. Which are the right options for wide-foot basketball players. 

Here are the best basketball shoes for wide feet, which provide players with real comfort and ankles support. 

+9 Best basketball shoes for wide feet – expert review 

  1. Under Armor Curry 10
  2. Jordan Zion 2
  3. Nike LeBron Witness 7
  4. New Balance Two WXY V3
  5. Way of WADE 10
  6. Nike KD 15
  7. Nike Zoom GT Jump
  8. Boys’ EB2 basketball shoe
  9. Adidas Men’s AST PILRAHNA III

Best basketball shoes for wide feet – Under Armor Curry 10

The Curry 10 is the third signature model within its own brand, improving on the previous model, which was already a great model in terms of track performance. 

under armor curry 10

Not only is it a shoe well suited for wide feet, but it is also a great shoes in general. The forefoot is quite wide, which should accommodate all different foot types.

The Under Armor Curry 10 has the Flow system, which works as both the cushioning of the shoe and the grip system. 

It is one of the most comfortable basketball shoes you can wear.

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best basketball shoes for wide feet – Jordan Zion 2

Jordan Zion 2

The Jordan Zion 2 is a big improvement over the previous model in Zion Williamson’s signature line. The Jordan Zion 1, in particular.

In terms of cushioning, is a clear improvement and will perform better on the court and will be much more comfortable.

The traction has also been improved, and it is one of the best tractions that can currently be purchased for outdoor basketball. 

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As for the materials, they are nothing special, but they adapt well to the foot and do not require time to get used to. 

The forefoot strap allows you to customize the size very well. Jordan Zion 2 remains one of the Jordan basketball shoes for wide feet.

Price: €120

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Cheap basketball shoes for wide feet – Nike LeBron Witness 7

The Nike LeBron Witness 7, apart from giving you a ¾ length Air unit (there is no other shoe that gives you so much Air for so little), will have plenty of room in the forefoot that should accommodate all those with small feet or Wide.

Nike LeBron Witness 7 - best shoes for wide feet

The materials in the Lebron Witness 7 are a combination of textiles and synthetic materials such as TPU.

Maintaining a relatively cheap price. The Nike Lebron Witness 7 is one of the best Nike basketball shoes

Price: €115

best basketball shoes for wide feet and point guard – New Balance Two WXY V3

The New Balance TWO WXY V3 represents an improvement on the TWO WXY V2, which was already a great model in terms of performance on the track. 

The combined Fuelcell and Abzorb DRS damping system is quite comfortable and works very well. 

It is a great shoes that should appeal to a wide range of players, from point guards to centers. This shoe has something to offer everyone. 

The materials are malleable enough by using soft stretchable fell technology to accommodate players with wide feet. Also durable thanks to FitWeave technology.

Price: €130

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basketball shoes for wide feet – Way of WADE 10

Way of WADE 10

The Way of Wade brand appears again on the list with the Way of Wade 10, as we have said before, they usually have a wide forefoot. 

The cushioning system of the Way of Wade 10 is foam cushioning; it features a dual-density implementation using two different foams.

In this case, it uses both Cloud Foam and Pebax, giving you a sensation very similar to the Zoom Air but taken to the next level. 

They are comfortable-fit basketball shoes. The only thing wrong with them is the price, but this model works very hard to deserve it.

In short, it is a great shoes. If you are a fan of Dwayne Wade or if you would like to try a shoe from a different brand, this is a good bet for you.

Price €225-240

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Best basketball shoes – Nike KD 15

Nike KD 15

The Nike KD 15 is, without a doubt, comfortable. Although we already know that textile materials fit well on the foot, that is not the only thing. 

The cushlon cushioning in the midsole along with the Zoom Air Strobel from heel to toe combine to give us a lot of value in this shoe.

 It’s the same cushioning as last year’s KD model, but it’s very comfortable; it should keep you cool and on the court for long sessions of play. The Nike KD 15 remains one of the best Nike basketball shoes for wide feet.

The TPU wings could be a problem for players with wide feet, but if you adjust the laces correctly, they should work great on the court.

Price: €150

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Basketball shoes for wide feet: Nike Zoom GT Jump

Nike Zoom GT Jump

The Nike Gt Jump features very incredible padding, perhaps the best of all time, including the forefoot (which is also spacious). They have been described as “what the Shox should have been”. 

The shoe features two large Zoom Air units in both the toe and heel; they have a Cushlon midsole and a full Zoom Air stroble as well. 

That amount of padding is crazy. It also has a synthetic upper that is light, breathable, and immediately adapts to your foot.

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Best basketball shoes for wide feet and good ankles support

Boys’ EB2 basketball shoe

If you are looking for basketball shoes for excellent ankle support, then try the EB2 boys basketball shoe. This model is definitely suitable for people who have large and wide feet. 

The upper part is made of leather, flexible and lined with nylon. This suit provides excellent ankle support and also plays a very important role in stabilizing players’ running and jogging movements. If you suffer from ankle pain, then take a look at this pair.



The PILRAHNA III shoes are a great alternative if you are looking for lightweight cushioning shoes. 

Such shoes are well suited for wide feet and also for people who want to relax their ankles. 

The toe of the shoe is also quite flexible and allows the person to run and jog effortlessly.

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Check out other reviews of the best basketball shoes for wide feet. Don’t forget to drop your reviews and recommendations for wide-foot basketball shoes.


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