Basketball Shoe Reviews

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

you want to be the leader in outdoor games, you need the best basketball shoes
that will give you the ultimate in comfort, traction, cushioning, energy
transfer, fit, and support, right? But there are many questions associated with
buying the best pair.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes


are many things to think about when buying. And we are sure that after
reading this article, you will receive answers to all your questions and be
able to choose the right one for you.

Basketball is largely an indoor sport. Officially, it is played on
well-maintained, hard-surfaced grounds. 

Because of this, brands like Nike,
Under Armor, and Adidas often release basketball shoes designed for indoor

we consider it a huge plus when we find out that the shoes are really suitable
for outdoor use. This only means that the manufacturer has tried to give
the shoe more durability.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2023

this article, we present the top 12 best outdoor basketball shoes that are most
suitable for the harsher conditions of outdoor play. We were able to pick
them up after testing just over 400 basketball shoes from various brands and
signature labels.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes


do we test basketball shoes?

make our opinions as objective as possible, we do the following:

  • Avoid

free gifts are nice, we’re afraid they might sway our judgment. We
consider it appropriate to purchase the basketball shoes we are going to test
with our own money.

  • Testing
    shoes in realistic outdoor areas

because we’ve played it on the street doesn’t mean basketball shoes are
street-ready. They still need to be played on a surface typical of outdoor
areas: rough, dusty, and made of hard concrete with an asphalt surface.

  • We
    created a rating system.

addition to our quality descriptions, we also provide a Core Score for each
outdoor basketball shoe. This numerical rating is the aggregate of all the
ratings given by experts and regular players all over the Internet.

Best basketball shoes for outdoor activities : Jordan Zion 2

Jordan Zion 2

Score: 91/100


  • strong
    grip from side to side;
  • huge
  • a
    very pronounced sense of the court;
  • reliable
    energy return;
  • precise
  • breathable;
  • suitable
    for the street;
  • Casual

Williamson is a very good player, and his second signature shoe is made for
players like him. Its design and overall structure contain a lot of power and a
high level of aggression on the court. It’s all about powerful undercuts, power
attacks, and determined sprints to the basket. It’s like the Jordan Zion 2 is
saying, “Give it your all or don’t play at all!”

basketball shoes from the Jordan brand will suit the following people:

  • big
    players with an aggressive style of play;
  • defenders
    who appreciate the feeling of the court for their attacking actions;
  • Basketball
    players with narrow or normal feet
  • Good for outdoor activities

Zion 2 features breathable mesh in the forefoot and multiple vents in the
tongue area. Thus, good air exchange throughout the shoe is ensured.

ankle area is padded to provide “tremendous support” at the back. One
expert points out the heel support, which he describes as “the thickest
and most supportive” he’s ever encountered.

Jordan Zion-outdoor basketball shoe





Jordan Zion is equipped with a strap. This provides good lock down and support
in the midfoot and forefoot. The tighter the fit, the more room there is for
faster movement.


expert claims that this shoe is designed for larger players, adding that the
more the wearer’s weight presses on the sole, the more energy return it

recommend getting the Jordan Zion in one size, especially if you have a narrow
or medium foot. If you have a wide foot, you can take a half size up.

basketball shoes from Jordan are durable enough to be used outdoors. The
out sole rubber is described by one expert as “really firm” and
“quite impressive”. He adds that the shoe has “excellent
grip” on pavement.

Jordan Zion 2 is as much a fashion item as it is a tool on the court.

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Reebok Shaqnosis: Best Outdoor basketball shoes ankle Support


Reebok Shaqnosis


Score: 86/100


  • responsiveness;
  • strength
    on rough, open areas;
  • secure
  • excellent
  • excellent
  • good
    for running and hiking;
  • do
    not collect dust;
  • Corresponds
    to the size.

The Reebok Shaqnosis is a basketball shoe that athletes and collectors love.
This pair is still in demand by many users’ decades after its first release.
The responsiveness, support, and comfort this shoe provides are designed for
players who move a lot from a low stance and play in the post position.

Reebok basketball shoe is perfect for you if:

  • Are
    you looking for a durable pair that will withstand intense gaming?
  • You
    need shoes that are great for running and hiking.
  • You
    prefer a pair with excellent grip on any type of terrain.

love the responsiveness of the Reebok Shaqnosis, which comes from the Hexalite
technology in the midsole. This durable, lightweight cushioning technology
features a honeycomb pattern to help absorb shock.

shoe has excellent arch support that provides a good transition from heel to
toe without allowing the heel to slip.

athletes note that the Reebok Shaqnosis is suitable not only for baseball but
also for other activities such as running and hiking.

players note that the Reebok Shaqnosis provides comfort and prevents ankle
twisting. This is achieved thanks to the traditional lacing with seven pairs of
eyelets and a high Achilles pad. Players can adjust the high-quality round
laces and tongue for a better fit.

lock down of this high-top sneaker is liked by many wearers thanks to the
comfortable foam inside the shoe.

Check out: Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support 

Best Low Top Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Nike Cosmic Unity 2

Nike Cosmic Unity 2


Score: 88/100


  • reliable
  • smooth
    transition from heel to toe;
  • excellent
    impact protection;
  • a
    good court feel;
  • elasticity
  • comfortable
  • price-quality
  • ease;
  • Suitable
    for outdoor play.

Nike Cosmic Unity 2 doesn’t disappoint even those who were so impressed with
last year’s original Cosmic Unity. 

Experts claim that they are on par with
top models such as the Nike KD 15. With all this in mind, it’s no surprise that
these basketball shoes have become a serious contender for the best shoes of
the year.

Basketball Shoes


basketball shoe from Nike is perfect for the following categories:

  • players
    who prefer versatile footwear;
  • players
    who are looking for premium shoes at a more affordable price;
  • players
    who sometimes play outdoors;
  • Players
    with medium or narrow feet.

out sole is flexible enough to help make transitions smooth, allowing the foot
to flex where needed. The Nike Cosmic Unity 2 is 14% more flexible than
the average basketball shoe.

expert notes the cushioning system as one of the main features of the Nike
Cosmic Unity 2. The thickness of the shoe in the forefoot is only 18.2 mm,
which is 2.3 mm less than the average. The lower-profile platform in the
forefoot also improves ground feedback. These Nike basketball shoes
protect the foot very effectively during hard landings due to the fact that the
Nike Cosmic Unity 2 has an insole.

Cosmic Unity 2
weighs just 343 grams, which is lighter than our average of 383
grams. Those looking for a lighter running shoe will not be disappointed.


The best mid-top outdoor basketball shoes

Nike Lebron Witness 6


Nike Lebron Witness 6


Score: 89/100


  • side
  • size
  • thin
    but durable materials;
  • comfortable,
    soft tongue;
  • smooth
    transition from heel to toe;
  • suitable
    for the street;
  • easy
    to put on;

Nike LeBron Witness 6 has a great fit for the foot. The tip of the forefoot is
curved enough to make each step smooth.

Nike LeBron Witness 6 is for those looking to purchase basketball shoes that
won’t be used in actual basketball games. Given the minimalist upper and
the comfort these Nike shoes provide, wearing them to work and the gym isn’t
such a bad idea.

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best strappy outdoor basketball shoes


Nike Men's Air Force Max Basketball Shoe


Nike Air Force Max

Score: 82/100


  • good
    ankle protection and containment;
  • strength
  • excellent
  • reliable
  • ease;
  • appearance;
  • durable

Nike Air Force Max is a stylish high-top shoe that provides comfortable support
on the court. Basketball players love the softness of the full-length Max Air
cushion and its supportive fit. This shoe is ideal for larger men who are
looking for a basketball shoe that is stylish, durable, and comfortable to play
in both the streets and the courts.

Nike Air Force Max will suit you if:

  • You
    want high-top Nike shoes that will keep you comfortable throughout the
  • You
    want a pair with great ankle protection and containment to prevent

athletes praise the Nike Air Force Max for its superior cushioning. That makes
sense, as these basketball shoes feature a responsive foam mid sole and a
full-length Max Air unit. The Max Air cushion is designed to provide powerful
shock absorption when you hit the ball or hit the rim.

Nike Men's Air Force Max Basketball Shoe


a durable rubber out sole with a multi-directional traction pattern, some
basketball players can enjoy this pair’s good traction on any type of court
with full control of the game.

Nike Air Force Max locks down the foot for safety and comfort while wearing the
shoe. This makes sense considering that these Nike basketball shoes use a
mid foot strap and a tough TPU heel counter.

Nike running shoes use a high-strength rip stop upper that provides lock down and
support. Stretching the quarter provides increased comfort and breath-ability.
Many noted that this pair is made of durable materials, which enhances its

An updated classic, the Air Force Max first hit the floor in 1993 and became
famous for the February Five. These retro-inspired Nike basketball shoes
feature a vintage high-top silhouette with a visible Max Air unit that runs the
entire length of the shoe. The Nike Air Force Max also features a mid foot strap
for additional styling options.

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 The best outdoor basketball shoes by value

Nike PG4

Nike PG4

Score: 83/100


  • reliable
  • excellent
  • responsiveness;
  • convenience;
  • stylish

Nike PG 4 is a good basketball shoe with a snug boot-like fit that allows you
to transition from one point to another faster and feels more balanced on the
mid foot. It is quite elastic and stable during lateral movements. PG 4 also has
a nice look and comfortable design, making them suitable for everyday wear.

Nike PG 4 is recommended for players who are looking for a beautiful, versatile
basketball shoe that provides ample cushioning on impact and stability in
lateral movements.

Nike Men's PG4


sole has a circular tread pattern that grips well on any surface.

Nike PG 4 has a secure fit. The design of the shoe allows you to fix the
ankle without creating a feeling of squeezing the upper part of the
foot. The 6mm sock liner has a great feel and wraps around the
foot. The inside of the boot feels somewhat loose, but when the upper zips
up with an internal fastening system, the ankle feels very secure and locked

did a great job designing the upper, and the result is a clean zip construction
that looks very streamlined. These are shoes that can definitely be worn off
the court.

Air cushion in the mid foot. On the foul line, I was able to get on the mid foot
without any problems, and when dribbling and making lateral movements, the shoe
feels very responsive.

Most Popular Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Air Jordan XXXVII

Air Jordan XXXVII

Score: 88/100


  • dust-resistant
    grip on indoor courts;
  • incredibly
    elastic forefoot;
  • a
    good court feel;
  • excellent
    breath ability;
  • size
  • comfortable
  • high-quality
  • Suitable
    for the street.

basketball shoes from the Jordan brand will suit the following people:

  • nimble
    players who value court feel and energy return;
  • buyers
    with a generous budget for basketball shoes;
  • athletes
    who rarely go out;
  • Owners
    of narrow and medium feet.

out sole of the Air Jordan 37 is made from a hard rubber compound that resists
abrasion effectively. This was convincingly demonstrated by a wear test carried
out by one of the experts. 

In addition, the upper has double-stitched leather
in high-wear areas. After conducting a durability test, the expert also
concluded that the leather overlays on the upper were “fairly


37 provides exceptional breath ability. The expert says the Air Jordan 37 has
the most breathable materials he has ever felt.

shoe has comfortable padding in the right places, keeping the foot securely in
place without being unnecessarily restrictive. The heel counter also does
a great job.


ConverseBB Jet Mid

Converse BB Jet Mid


and reliable like Draymond Green. Durable, low-cut basketball shoes with
responsive Zoom + EVA cushioning and a durable out sole are perfect for the
upcoming outdoor season.


and comfortable, these basketball shoes from Portland’s all-time leader Damian
Lillard feature a new patented “Bounce Pro” foam. 

Adidas DAME 8


Due to this, this
model dampens shock loads well and sits tightly and comfortably on the leg
without causing discomfort.

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first signature model of the LaMelo Ball has not only a beautiful silhouette
but also a good set of actual basketball technologies. The new product uses the
latest cushioning system from PUMA HOOPS, “Nitro Foam”, and to
protect against unwanted twists, a TPU plate is integrated into the midsole.


One Take 3

season with the Lakers didn’t exactly work out, but his third budget model
turned out to be very successful. A fast-paced design, a dual cushioning system
(Zoom Air + Phylon), and a very low side profile for those who appreciate the
freedom and mobility of the ankle.


KD Trey 5 IX

lightweight gaming shoe from Nets forward Kevin Durant’s budget
line. Innovative Renew foam and a Zoom Air capsule deliver quality energy
return and responsiveness, while a grippy out sole provides excellent traction.

Features to look out for in a good outdoor
basketball shoe

Breath Ability

it comes to basketball shoe uppers, you are, of course, looking for a pair of
shoes made from highly breathable material. Special mesh or fabric-like
material for optimum ventilation. 

You might even be able to get by with a
leather upper if there are vents. This is doubly true when you’re playing
outdoors, as
breath ability matters even more when you’re playing in a hot


cushioning of basketball shoes becomes more important the heavier you are. If
you’re a 5’6″ guard and weigh 140 pounds, you won’t need much cushioning,
and you’ll probably prefer the responsiveness and court feel of a stiffer
setup. But bigger, heavier guys put more stress on the joints and benefit
enormously from softer, more forgiving cushioning.

you’re playing on an outdoor concrete court, you’ll need shoes with extra
cushioning because you’ll need them when you’re constantly running and

Adequate cushioning will reduce the impact of such movements, and
the impact when landing on concrete is much stronger than when landing on a
wooden floor.


it comes to finding the best outdoor basketball shoes, you need to make sure
you feel comfortable in them. A basketball game can last a couple of
hours, which means you’ll be wearing the same pair of shoes for a long time, so
you want them to stay comfortable.

are various factors you can consider when it comes to determining how
comfortable a shoe will be, but one of the most popular is cushioning. 

such as Nike, Adidas, and Air Jordan rely on internal cushioning in their
basketball shoe lines to keep players comfortable and performing at their best
on the court.


separated the tread and outsole because they require completely different
qualities. For outdoor play, the treads must be set wide apart, and the soles
must be made of a harder rubber than that used in basketball shoes. The reason for
this is that an outdoor sole will have to deal with a lot of different textures
and roughness on the outside court, while indoor shoes only have to deal with
polished hardwood.

feet can make it a bit difficult to find shoes, but luckily there are shoes
specifically made for people with wider feet. Check out this page to learn more
about basketball shoes that will give you great performance, no matter your
wide foot problem.

Silhouette style

are three different styles of basketball shoes: low, medium, and high.
Traditionally, basketball players played in high tops that completely covered
their ankles, but nowadays more and more players are wearing low tops that look
more like regular training shoes.

The difference between outdoor and indoor
basketball shoes

probably have one question in your head: “Why not wear the same basketball
shoes indoors and outdoors?” I’m right? If you play basketball
regularly, you need to have a pair of the best outdoor basketball shoes.

basketball can be played both indoors and outdoors. Both games are almost the
same, but there are significant differences between the fields (courts). This
is why there are some differences between indoor and outdoor shoes. 

Let’s talk
about some fundamental differences between them.

most common difference between the two is the stiffness of the rubber outsole.
The rubber soles of outdoor shoes are heavier than those of closed shoes.
Before buying, you should check the stiffness of the shoes

To test this, rub
your toe hard on the sole. If the movements are minimal, it is ideal for an
outdoor basketball court.

is another important difference between indoor and outdoor shoes. The
surface of the indoor court is smoother. But the outdoor basketball court
has a rough surface. This is why indoor basketball shoes require better
traction than outdoor shoes.

are some of the best outdoor running shoes on the market and are still fairly
easy to find in stores. We know that not everyone has the opportunity to
play basketball on good indoor courts, so we made it for you guys.

addition, we also took into account that not everyone has the money for the
best outdoor basketball shoes, so we chose shoes at different prices. We hope
we were able to help you choose a pair of basketball shoes for your outdoor
activities and that you enjoy them!


Bringing the game to life through words. As a passionate basketball lover and expert reviewer, I share insights, analysis, and captivating stories that celebrate the beauty of the game. Join me courtside as we dive into the world of hoops together. Game on!

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