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Vanessa Bryant Net Worth 2024

How much is Vanessa Bryant net worth? Well, currently, a lot of rumors have been flying about Vanessa Bryant net worth.

Especially after the money she discovered from her husband’s investment and the last issue she had, which was her husband’s departure.

That’s why it is now difficult to know the real net worth of Vanessa Bryant because of the discovered money. Nevertheless, we have provided legit information about the current Vanessa Bryant net worth in 2024.

However, before we can get to know her original net worth, it is better to know a little more about her biography, her career, and other vital information about her.

Vanessa Bryant Net Worth – Who is Vanessa Bryant?

Vanessa Bryant, as everyone knows, is a big name and a celebrity in many industries that she has partnered with for some years now and is still counting.

Some of the companies she has partnered with are: she is the CEO of Granity Studios; she also handles the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation.

Apart from the ones mentioned, she also does music video modeling, which she started prior to her marriage to Kobe, and still ventures into the world of fashion.
2 years ago, she launched a clothing brand with the title “Mambacita” to honor Gigi Bryant.

Because of this, she has to partner again with a female-owned company to help her succeed in her fashion pursuit.

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Who is Vanessa Bryant’s husband

Venessa Bryant was married some years ago but is now a widow because her husband has passed unto glory for rest, awaiting that great day.

Mrs. Bryant, however, has three kids, but one of them passed along with her husband that day. The cold hand of a human lifer touched him.

The name of her husband is Kobe Bryant. This man, Kobe, was a farmer, a businessman, an investor, and also an influencer in many fields, in which he did perfectly okay.

But, apart from being the wife of an NBA Hall of Famer, she has done well for herself in her own career because she too is a model, a philanthropist, and a businesswoman.

What Befalls Mrs. Bryant?

After the death of her husband, Mr. Kobe, there were a lot of arguments, ranging from his managers down to those who falsely accused her.

Following her husband’s death, she filed a lawsuit and also had some issues with Nike concerning his contract, but despite their minor arguments, they both managed to sort things out and have now kept their partnership moving.

After Kobe’s (LA Lakers legend) departure along with their eldest daughter, she took on some of her husband’s business ventures, although she is still the CEO of Granity Studio and also handles the “Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation.

In 2013, her husband, Mr. Kobe, invested in a sports drink company known as Body Armor, but this company was later sold to Coca-Cola, and his investment in this company was almost $400 million.

But, not long after his death, the Kobe Inc. president came in looking for a share of the wealth, and Molly Carter declared that the Hall of Fame guard told her she would only get a tiny percentage of the investment her husband made, and this triggered the lawsuit.

Vanessa Bryant Net Worth – What happened to Vanessa Lawsuit

Vanessa took up the lawsuit and walked away victorious; as a matter of fact, she won on the grounds that Carter broke the terms of her contract after she badmouthed the Bryant family and was caught.

In recent headlines, Vanessa Bryant, after much and accountable evidence in the lawsuit, has recently won over a million dollars regarding one of Kobe Bryant’s previous investments.

So therefore, her net worth must surely have increased because of the recent events; however, the total amount she made from her husband’s investment in the past, according to TMZ, is $1.5 million.

So how much do you think could be Mrs. Kobe’s net worth now? Let’s make it real quick, but before then, consider this:

Vanessa Bryant Source of Income

Before we mention Vanessa’s net worth, it is better to know her own source of income apart from the money she recovered from her husband’s investment.

Vanessa is a businesswoman, and she has made a lot of money from her business career, which is a great advantage to her and her family to date.
Secondly, she’s a model, a model in music videos, and everyone who is into any modeling job knows that there is much profit in it, especially when you have many connections to people that bring jobs.
Most interestingly, Mrs. Kobe works and partners with many companies, for which she gets paid for working for them and working with them.
The last of them is that she has a brand in the clothing business, and anyone who wants to sell under her brand has to sign an agreement on how much to pay for selling under the brand.
Selling a brand or selling under a brand may be worth up to $10,000 a year because in brand business, the agreement(s) are signed yearly and not monthly.

Vanessa Bryant net worth in 2024

With the amount of money discovered from her husband’s previous investments coupled with her own business and investments, her net worth must be on the higher side.
Okay, although I might not be accurate, the information given here is gotten from many sources of reporters who have witnessed her investments and have interviewed her as well.
According to the reports on the ground, Mrs. Kobe’s net worth, known as Vanessa Bryant, is estimated to be around $600 million at the moment. So stay tuned here as we update you once her network increases or decreases.


Mrs. Kobe’s has never been lazy from the beginning of her life story until her husband’s and eldest child’s deaths, but she is still focused on business and investments.
I hope you trust my information. Touch the comment box and turn on your notifications for the next comings.


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