volleyball shoes

Best Volleyball Shoes

is a fundamental part of the equipment of those who practice
volleyball. Volleyball shoes are the contact surface with the court and
influence the game of each player. 

many athletes do not notice them, shoes are an essential element for the health
and good performance of players

volleyball shoes

became part of the equipment of volleyball players almost 100 years ago. 

Best volleyball shoes

first, people “caught” the ball barefoot or wearing boots. The
uniform was gradually improved. Modern shoe manufacturers regularly modernize
their shoes. 

Professional models provide maneuverability and cushion landings
during the jump.

best volleyball shoes protect your feet from injury with a foam-filled,
anatomically comfortable sole.

should I look for in volleyball shoes?

we tell you the main characteristics that you should look for in a volleyball


main feature you should look for in a volleyball shoe is good cushioning.
Volleyball is played on hard surfaces compared to other sports played on grass,
dirt, or padded surfaces.

it is a sport in which the jumps are constant. Therefore, if you do not
wear good footwear, your joints may suffer.

This makes it essential to wear shoes with a very cushioned midsole, especially
in the heel area, to cushion the joint impact. 

The use of quality materials
with great impact absorption capacity is crucial to avoiding the deterioration
of knees and ankles.

reactive materials in the midsole

good cushioning is crucial in a volleyball shoe, there are more aspects to take
into account. One of them is the use of reactive materials in the midsole. 

Reactive materials are those that help propel movements with less effort.

type of material is usually found, above all, where the front part of our foot

 A sole with a good load of reactive materials and a good distribution of
these will help you reduce the effort you make when pushing off to jump and


you want to protect your ankles while jumping or if you have already had a
previous injury, we recommend wearing high-top shoes. These fit better around
your ankle and provide better support.

Thus, they will help you avoid sprains and not overload this area.

for very breathable shoes.

is a sport where sweat is guaranteed. The runs around the court and the big
jumps to overcome defenders will make you sweat a lot. 

Therefore, the shoes you
use to practice volleyball must be breathable enough.

from the problems for foot health, poor ventilation of the shoe can cause our
feet to not properly grip the insole or the inside of the shoe. And this can
have a negative effect on the player’s performance

is the best brand of volleyball shoes?

players do not always know which sneakers are suitable for volleyball. 

incorrectly selected model will hinder movement. Companies specializing in
sewing shoes for professionals guarantee quality.

products fully comply with the declared damping criteria (comfort and
protection against stretching).

Popular companies:


The world-famous concern that produces sports equipment Accessories, clothes,
and shoes are in great demand among people of different age categories,
regardless of gender. 

All sneakers are equipped with a ventilation system. The
shoes are aesthetically pleasing, with every detail meticulously crafted by the
design team. Models for playing volleyball have a tight heel that securely
fixes the foot in the correct position and an anti-slip sole. 


Production is located in Japan. The company has developed sneakers with
textured soles for volleyball players. Additional stability is achieved thanks
to the deep tread. Surface grip is high. 

The upper of some models is made of
mesh textile, which acts as a “fan”. The assortment includes several
lines of different designs. Sports shoes are produced for both men and women.


Another brand from a Japanese manufacturer The latest technologies and natural
materials are used in the creation process. The distinctive features of the
sneakers are their lightness and versatility. 

Design execution. The shoes are
practical and durable. The sole is made of springy rubber, and the insoles are

 Breathability is high thanks to mesh textiles.

can also buy volleyball shoes from the Adidas brand. The company regularly
presents new models.

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do I choose volleyball shoes

shoes, in the first place, should not cause any inconvenience to the owner. It
is necessary to choose it based on the physiological characteristics of the
foot’s structure

Weight plays an important role; the lighter the sneakers, the
more comfortable it is to jump in them. A quality, professional model cannot
have a soft toe and heel; otherwise, the player’s ankle will be left
unprotected. The sole should support the metatarsal bone. The ventilation
system will be a clear advantage. Experts do not recommend purchasing models
for children to grow into.

 According to experts, preference should be given to
shoes with a high heel. It will keep your foot in the correct position
throughout your practice or game. 

The editors of the basketballxpress.com portal
studied the characteristics of popular brands and tried to highlight the
advantages of each nominee. Our team was guided by a number of criteria when

  • Comfort, 
  • weight, 
  • Stability, 
  • Thickness, and structure of the sole. 

The presence of slots in the front part is mandatory. Air will flow through
small holes to provide ventilation. The top volleyball sneakers were compiled
based on monitoring reviews. 

We studied the opinions of the
“ordinary” buyer as well as the recommendations of professional
athletes. Thanks to this, we were able to weed out models of questionable

Best Men’s Volleyball Shoes

volleyball shoes (our rating will tell you which is better) do not have to
be light. On average, the weight of models varies between 350 and 900 g. 

greater the weight, the higher the stabilization (stability) and
maneuverability indicators. Options with low sides protect the ankle from injury.
The sole of high-quality specimens is foam, rubber, or non-slip.

MizunoWave Lightning Neo

best shoes for volleyball, according to players and experts Model with a unique
design. The upper (toe area) is mesh, which is quite durable. 

The Mash Air ventilation
system circulates air inside the shoe and controls heat dissipation. Rubberized
pads on top provide additional stability and protect against falls. A knitted
high collar acts as a stabilizer. 

The ankle fits tightly (taking into account
the anatomical features of the limbs). Feels like a second skin. The midsole
plate is durable and sits closer to the toe. Responsible for acceleration while
running or jumping. The wave-shaped insert distributes weight evenly. 

Thanks to
the rubber, the volleyball player gets less tired during training or playing.
Mizuno Enerzi is an innovative system that increases jump height. 

For safe
traction on any surface (asphalt, soil, grass, varnished floor indoors), the
manufacturer has equipped the sole with convex spikes of different sizes.

Mizuno Wave Lightning Neo

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Advantages: Mizuno Wave Lightning Neo Volleyball Shoes

  • The
    line has all sizes (38 to 50); 
  • The bumper in the toe area reduces
    the risk of toe fractures significantly. 
  • Special notches and grooves on the
    sole help maintain balance. 
  • The universal model is suitable for any player,
    regardless of position (for example, libero or setter).


  • High price; 
  • sold only in specialized stores. 

Cheapness is the first sign of
falsification. The original version has a high-quality design (no protruding
threads or traces of glue).

Link to Product 

AsicsSky Elite Ff Mt 2: Best Volleyball Shoe

popular model among professional volleyball players. The ankle is high, and the
ankle is reliably protected from injury when falling. 

The shock absorption is
good, as is the grip on almost any surface. Jumping is comfortable thanks to
Twist-Russ, a
mid-sole insert that is wide on the sides and front.

during movement is achieved through the Dynawrap system. The laces are
double-covered, fixing the arch of the foot, so you can slow down faster when

Flyte foam Propel technology provides additional comfort when jumping.
The rear foot and forefoot GEL pads evenly distribute the load on the spine and
knees. The design of the upper part of the sneaker has a “memory effect,
and the foot fits tightly. 

The heel is slightly curved, which allows you to
make a jerk from a standing start. In the center of the sole, there is a solid
element that gives stability to the foot. 

The insoles are anatomically
comfortable and moisture-absorbing. The inside of the shoe remains warm for a
long time despite excellent ventilation. The heel and toe pads are made of
elastic silicone.

Asics Sky Elite Ff Mt 2

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  • Elastomer
    inside the midsole improves rebound. 
  • The outsole is made of inorganic and
    organic compounds. 
  • The GS Impact Guidance System helps the foot move properly
    and protects against impact. 
  • The foot does not curl thanks to the rearfoot and
    forefoot GEL cushioning systems.


  • In
    small towns, it is almost impossible to find an original model.

The Asics Sky
Elite Ff Mt 2 is the best volleyball shoe for attacking players. 

curved shapes help you jerk and roll easily while moving forward. 

The author’s
design is bright and stylish at the same time.

Link to Product

Zoom Hyderspeed Court: Men’s Volleyball Shoes

best limited-edition volleyball shoes The line was released before the Tokyo

The main feature is the absence of unnecessary details in the design. 

Upper: durable mesh coating reinforced on the front and sides in high-wear
areas. The lacing is asymmetrical, and the tongue is wide. 

The foot is fixed in
the shoe securely. According to the reviews of athletes, it is impossible to rub
the skin with sneakers. Closer to the heel area is an embroidered Nike logo. 

The sole is equipped with a shock-absorbing Zoom cushion along its entire
length. Thanks to the overlay, the load is distributed evenly, providing an
energy return. The protector is universal and prevents slipping. 

The adhesion
indicators are high on almost all types of surfaces. The insoles are easy to
remove. The color is bright. The likelihood of twisting the foot when running
fast or during a jump is minimal.

Nike Zoom Hyderspeed Court

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  • The
    line includes all  sizes, 
  • Excellent fixation of the foot and lower leg
    due to the silicone pad,  
  • Anti-slip sole with tread, and 
  • Anatomically
    comfortable insoles.


  1. Sneakers
    from this brand are no longer produced. 

It is advisable to purchase shoes only
from trusted suppliers.

Link to Product

Thunder Blade

high-quality sports shoes. The cushioning is excellent. Accelerate movement
speed and increase jump height. Equipped with a ventilation system, air
circulation is ensured by a mesh coating in the toe area. 

Moisture evaporates
quickly, and heat exchange is normal. A bumper made of dense silicone protects
the structure from wear and the leg from impacts. The lacing is even. The
tongue is of medium width and rather dense. The heel is low and moderately
hard. Prevents the foot from twisting. 

The outsole is rubber, durable, and has
sealing inserts. The protector on a laminate does not leave dark marks. Surface
grip is good. The design is stable and maneuverable. Does not slip, even on
tiles and parquet.

Mizuno Thunder Blade

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  • Dynamotion
    Groove outsole to help volleyball move faster 
  • Wear-resistant AP+ material in
    the midsole; 
  • Innovative ventilation system AIRmesh; 
  • Due to Mizuno Wave
    technology, the load is distributed evenly not only on the foot but also on the


  • Not
    all  sizes are in the line. 

The lacing is classic, so the fit will be as
comfortable as possible.

Link to Product 

Best Women’s Volleyball Shoes

brands do not produce budget volleyball shoes. Copies are made using innovative
technologies on the latest equipment, which affects the cost. 

Women’s are
virtually no different in functionality from men’s. It is recommended to
purchase “breathable” models that are lightweight and have
high-quality rubber or silicone soles. The leg should not feel free after
lacing, so you don’t need to buy shoes “with a margin”.

Gel Rocket 10

updated “version” of Rocket for training and games, popular among
beginners and professionals. Versatile, reliable, comfortable, and lightweight. 

Improved grip on hard and smooth surfaces. On the side, there are silicone or
synthetic inserts that support the foot in the correct position while jumping
or running. The upper is flexible and allows full freedom of movement. The heel
counter is soft, and in alliance with the foam tongue, it fixes the foot

Thanks to the rear foot and forefoot GEL cushion-shock absorbers, the
load on the spine, ankle, and heel is distributed evenly. 

The sole is anti-slip
rubber and equipped with Trusstic, a molded element located in the center. The
system makes the model more stable. 10 mm: difference between the toe and heel
It weighs a little, but on the leg, it is almost not felt.

asics gel rocket

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  • Soft,
    anatomically comfortable insole made of moisture-absorbing material; 
  • NS Rubber
    pods reinforce the center and rear of the outsole, and 
  • The Gill Mesh system
    regulates the process of air circulation while retaining heat. 
  • Shock absorption
    is provided by a helium cushion.



While few OEMs offer budget volleyball shoes, the Asics Gel Rocket 10 is
more than a bargain. Due to its pleasant cost, it tops many ratings. The design
is bright and goes perfectly with the blue uniform.


React Hyperset

limited-edition volleyball sneakers. A distinctive feature is the bright,
two-color sole. The design is improved, so an athlete can easily jump and run
in them. 

Provides sharp jerks, additional maneuverability, and stability. High
speed is maintained due to almost complete energy recovery. Flywire cable and
several lateral pads located in high-wear areas are responsible for the correct
fit of the feet. 

The nose is slightly turned up. The durable rubber bumper is
connected to the outsole. The heel is medium-hard, and the tongue is long and

Link to Product

The lacing is symmetrical and adjustable. The insole is comfortable,
removable, and absorbs moisture well. The ventilation system is simple but

nike react hyperset

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  • The
    sole is light, foamed, elastic, and wavy. 
  • On the toe, there is a small pad that
    protects against impacts. 
  • The fit is secure yet lightweight thanks to Flywire
  • The design is the author’s, discreet, and without unnecessary


  • The
    cost is high; you can only find it in a specialized Nike store. 

Best Children’s Volleyball Shoes

sneakers should have a durable and shock-absorbing cushion. 

Experts recommend
giving preference to models with foamed silicone soles. Feet in shoes must
breathe, so special attention is paid to the ventilation system. 

The speed of
movement depends on the performance of the coupling; the presence of small
spikes (tread) will be an advantage. It is advisable to buy a piece of
volleyball equipment made of textile or suede with leather inserts.

Upcourt 2 PS

multifunctional children’s shoes for playing badminton and volleyball The
sneakers feature a bright design. Made from durable textiles, a material of
synthetic origin. Does not wear off or fade.

 Dirt can be removed with a hard
brush. The ventilation system (thin slots in the toe area) ensures air
circulation and heat transfer. The bumper is dense and differs in color from
the sole itself. 

The inside is lined with mesh fabric and has an anatomical,
removable insole. The heel is not hard, but it holds the foot well. Silicone
provides stability and increases maneuverability. 

The tread is anti-slip, and
the grip on the surface is excellent. The lacing is symmetrical and has Velcro.
The color of the sneakers is bright green and pink.

Asics Upcourt 2 PS

Link to Product 


  • After
    hand cleaning or washing in a machine, they do not lose their shape.
  • The sole
    does not slip and does not leave marks on the playing field surface. 
  • The front
    pad protects fingers during impact; 
  • The load on the spine and ankle is uniform;
    and the child does not get tired during active movement.


Overpriced at retail outlets Size chart: from 25.5 to 33.5


Cyclone Speed 2 JR

the top of a volleyball sneaker. An improved “version” is included in
the junior line. Designed for entry-level players and beginners.

features include an interesting design and low weight. The dense textile upper
is equipped with circulation technology; air flows freely through small holes
while retaining heat.

 On the front, there is a rubber pad that gives
flexibility and protects the child from impact in the event of a collision, for
example, with an opponent. There are inserts made of genuine leather. Jumping
is comfortable, and you can make sharp jerks. 

The sole is non-staining rubber
and does not leave black marks on the surface. The holes for the laces are
located symmetrically next to each other. The line comes in all sizes.

Mizuno Cyclone Speed 2 JR

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embossed, anatomically comfortable insole absorbs sweat, is easily removed, and
dries quickly after washing. 

The foam sole has several grooves to prevent
slipping. Good shock absorption is due to the intermediate low-profile EVA
padding; the tongue is not long, and the back is soft and does not rub the


price. Demi-season model.

to look for when buying

highlight several main characteristics that you need to pay attention to before
purchasing. During play or training, the child will have to run a lot, so the
sneakers should not be heavy. 

Depreciation and stability indicators are
important criteria. For professional training in this sport, models with both
high and low tops are suitable.


volleyball shoes are always equipped with a shock-absorbing system. Without it,
the risk of injury increases when jumping or quickly moving around the

The technology allows you to soften the force of impact, for
example, when colliding with an opponent or during a fall. 

A shock absorber is
most often a special cushion made of silicone or foam rubber, located in the
midsole area. 

A helium insert or pad filled with air will spring back, evenly
distributing the load on the lower back, spinal column, lower leg, and feet.


will determine the quality of the sole using a number of criteria. The main

advise purchasing demi-season shoes. In the winter, your feet will not freeze
in these sneakers.


should be comfortable and fit well. You need to buy sneakers made of
textile or genuine leather; these materials allow air to pass through well,
allowing your feet to breathe. Having slits in the front and sides will be an

Models with eco-friendly insoles are popular among consumers. They
are easy to take out. After washing, they do not lose their shape, dry quickly,
and absorb sweat and excess moisture well.


team of the portal basketballxpress.com recommends that readers pay attention
to the following brands:

  • Asics
    Upcourt 2 PS:
    bright, durable shoes for teenagers;
  • Nike
    React Hyperset: 
    a women’s version with a lightweight outsole and reinforcement
  • The
    Mizuno Wave Lightning Neo:
    is a running shoe with a durable midsole cushion.

athletes often buy models with helium blocks or air spikes on the sole.

                                                            Source: YouTube · AchillesVB

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