Does basketball make you taller (Scientific Perspective)

Does basketball make you taller

If you’re a basketball enthusiast or an NBA fan, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that professional players often taller than the average person. 
This naturally leads to the question: does basketball make you taller, or Can you grow taller by playing basketball, are taller individuals simply drawn to the sport due to the advantages their height provides during the game? This question becomes even more intriguing if you’re hoping to add a few centimeters to your stature

The Impact of Basketball on Height

Regrettably, for those seeking a height boost, there’s no concrete evidence to support the idea that basketball or any form of exercise significantly influences your maximum height. 
Your genetic makeup primarily determines your maximum potential height, with factors like childhood and adolescent nutrition playing a secondary role in approaching your genetic growth potential.

Can you grow taller by playing basketball

While basketball doesn’t affect your height, it offers a plethora of other benefits, making it an excellent activity for both youth and adults. Let’s delve into what science has to say about basketball and height gain.

Scientific Perspective

Multiple studies have explored basketball’s effects on various physical parameters, including lean body mass, jump height, grip strength, and overall athletic performance.
While these studies haven’t been specifically designed to measure height changes, if such changes occurred, they would likely be noted.
It’s worth noting that basketball is a well-studied sport, so any potential impact on height would have garnered significant attention. 
However, there’s still no scientific backing for the idea that basketball or its associated movements can increase height.

Understanding height growth

Height increases primarily result from the elongation of bones during childhood and adolescence, particularly in the epiphyseal growth plates located at the ends of various bones. The most significant growth typically occurs in infancy and during the pubertal growth spurt.
As you transition into adulthood, these growth plates solidify, effectively halting further increases in bone length. While it’s possible to improve bone density and width through proper exercise and nutrition, these factors don’t influence overall height.

Genetics and Nutrition

Extensive research indicates that genetics play a pivotal role in determining maximum adult height, accounting for 60–95% of the variability. Proper nutrition during childhood and adolescence is essential for reaching your full genetic height potential, but it can’t surpass your genetically predetermined maximum.
Undernutrition during these crucial developmental stages can hinder growth, emphasizing the importance of a balanced diet during youth.

The Benefits of Basketball

Although basketball won’t make you taller, it offers an array of health and performance advantages. These include improved cardiovascular fitness, endurance, lean body mass, bone mineral density, and coordination. 
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Basketball’s combination of cardiovascular training and plyometric movements like jumping and passing enhances overall health.

Why are basketball players so tall?

While basketball doesn’t directly contribute to height increases, elite basketball teams often feature notably tall players. This correlation arises because taller individuals have an inherent advantage in the sport, particularly when it comes to jumping.
Taller players, with equivalent jumping abilities, can reach higher heights, giving them an edge on the court.

Potential Growth Issues in Youth

Basketball is generally a safe sport, but it involves jumping, cutting motions, and the risk of fractures. More than a third of fractures in children can damage growth plates, potentially impacting total bone length. However, with proper care and treatment, most young individuals can recover fully.
Parents should ensure coaches understand safety protocols, especially concerning growth plate fractures.

Height-Enhancing Methods

While there’s no scientific proof that exercise or supplements can increase height beyond genetic limits, some programs and supplements claim otherwise. Be cautious, as these claims lack substantiated evidence, and the supplement industry is unregulated, posing potential risks.


In summary, basketball doesn’t contribute to height increases, as your genetic makeup primarily determines your maximum height. Nevertheless, playing basketball offers numerous health and performance benefits. Embrace the sport for what it can offer, and remember that your height is largely predetermined. Focus on being healthy and excelling in the sport through consistent practice and dedication.


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