Watch NBA 2013 Playoffs Predictions Live Online: Will These Sure-Win Team Fail or Advance?

NBA 2013 Playoffs Predictions: Will These Team Fail or Advance?
NBA 2013 Playoffs Predictions: Will These Teams Fail or Advance?

Wouldn’t this a surprise by the end…?

NBA 2013 Playoffs Predictions: Will These Sure Win Teams Fail or Advance?


NBA 2013 playoffs predictions are easy and difficult at the same time!

Somewhat easy in the Eastern Conference and really tough in the Western Conference. Six teams have booked their berths in the playoffs from the east: Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers, New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks. There are only three teams in the fray for grabbing the remaining two slots.

Things are more complicated in the Western Conference. Five teams have confirmed their playoffs engagement: San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Spurs, Los Angeles Clippers, Denver Nuggets and Memphis Grizzlies. Three positions are up for grabs in the Western Conference, and as many as six teams are after the loot.

In short, there are five slots to be occupied in the play-offs. Our NBA 2013 playoffs predictions for these five slots are: Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks from the east and Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets from the west.

Boston Celtics

Celtics could have finished higher in the season, if not for the injuries to Rajon Rondo and their coach’s bizarre decisions to rest the in-form veteran players for the first round of playoffs. They will be keen to avoid falling into the eighth position, which necessitates an imminent Playoffs showdown with Miami Heat.

Milwaukee Bucks

Bucks should see off the challenge from Philadelphia 76ers, despite the recent defeat against them. Brandon Jenning’s zigzag form is a worry for them. They will be more concerned about overtaking Boston Celtics in the playoffs rankings. An eighth rank in the playoffs is likely to be as bad as a Regular Season exit, for the team is going to play against Miami Heat next up.

Golden State Warriors

Warriors have a good and well-oiled team. The upcoming stars Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes combine well with veterans Andrew Bogut and David Lee. They usually play a kind of a percentage game, by which they beat the bottom-ranked teams but struggle against top seeds. It should be good enough to clinch a sixth, or at worst seventh, slot to the playoffs from the west.

Los Angeles Lakers

After a prolonged struggle at the start of the season, Lakers are rediscovering their form. Kobe Bryant seems to have woken up and Lakers are on cruise mode towards a playoffs berth. The team is at the eighth position, but they are good enough to get to the seventh, or even sixth, position if Bryant gets good support from Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard.

Houston Rockets

Rockets are at the seventh position of the Western Conference. They are unlikely to hold onto their current position against the sustained momentum from Lakers. They will have to keep off Utah Jazz, Dallas Mavericks and Portland Blazers from displacing them from the final place to the playoffs. If James Harden combines well with the talented young crop of Rockets, it will not be much of a problem.

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